Toyota Commercials: selling cars without actually selling cars

It seems as if Toyota has completely abandoned the notion of selling cars based on performance and features…all of their commercials are about salesmen doing odd things or guys tossing Blackberries and toupees out of minivans. And then there’s the one that came on just now, in which a daughter askes mom how her new boyfriend “is”. Yikes.

This is either complete idiocy or complete confidence…and given Toyota’s reputation, I’m inclined to think that it’s the latter. It’s tough to question their credentials, so it would seem that they think it’s better to just keep their name out there. And hey, even if I think the commercials are silly, I do remember them.

Hey, I’m writing about them now, aren’t I?



  1. That commercial is just gross and creepy. I doubt there is a daughter out there who ask their mother how her new boyfriend “is”. For pete’s sake, we all know our parents stop having “it” after they conceive us. Right??

  2. Hi Russ,

    I remember this being a part of our dinner conversation on your bday – I really need to pay attention to commercials more. “Yikes” is right to the daughter/mom scenario – I don’t want to know anything about my mother’s conquests – not even their age. Sometimes ignorance is bliss when it comes to my respective parental units…

    BTW – I like the new look to Scatterthought.

    I’m tempted to resurrect my Rachel’s Ramblings blog site (it is still live, but I have not bothered touching it since completing the course I had to use it for).

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