A Mother’s Love

My mom called last week to wish me a happy birthday…and order to me to get a flu shot. Okay, not order…but compel. Yes, compel is the right word.

It’s not that I fear needles so much…heck, I give blood regularly. But I got a flu shot once and I felt sick the day after. Haven’t had one since, and I’ve never had the flu.

And yeah, I suppose I don’t really like needles either.

Mom knew this, and thus compelled me to get a flu shot this season. And while I’m at it, go to the dentist. And get vaccinated against chicken pox, since I never had it as a kid.

So I’m writing this scatterthought to inform both mom and the world that I’ve scheduled both a flu shot and a dentist appointment. But I’m gonna hold off on the chicken-pox vaccine for now.

Thanks, mom, for reminding me that no matter how old I get, I’m still your son. I love you, too.