An overactive mind is an understatement

I’m awake.

Wide awake.

Not surprised, really. After spending all of Sunday in the office, I couldn’t sleep. Tossed and turned until somewhere between 3-4am, then got up and was at the office shortly after 7:30am. Came home around 3pm and crashed until 8pm.

So now I’m awake. Partially due to sleeping all evening, and partially because my mind is just sounding off on a whole bunch of things.

As I wrote yesterday, July 2006 ended up being a very good month…one of the best in my life, really. And as I wrote awhile ago, I’m planning to take it a little easier in August.

But ‘easy’ is a relative term, of course. And I’ve already got some things on the horizon.

First among those things is a part-time job I’m chasing to coordinate some city-wide activities related to Waterloo’s 150th anniversary. I’m really excited by this opportunity…so much so that I’m willing to talk about it before I’ve even got my application in. Long-time readers will know that I have a habit of keeping things like this private in the initial stages, so that I don’t get my (or anyone else’s) hopes up. But this time around, I’m really confident. And I’m really excited by the road this could lead me down.

Second, I’ve decided to restart my house hunt, which began a year ago and stalled in the fall when I got busy with other things. So maybe something will happen there over the next month or so. You never know when the right place will turn up.

Third is that I’m actually going to take a short vacation in mid-August to go to a friend’s cabin. Just a few days off work, but definitely some time off that I can use.

And hey, maybe one of these days I’ll get back into the dating scene.

Of course, I’ve still got lots to do in the office and a bunch of car articles to write.

I’d like to get out and play some golf before I forget how.

And one of these days, my house needs a major, major cleaning.

Like I said, easy is a relative term.

You know what it really comes down to? August is going to be for me. I’ve spent much of my time over the past while doing things for other people. And even though I get a lot of satisfaction out of those things, maybe that’s why I’ve been feeling so pressured–the weight of too many people relying on me. For the next four weeks, it’ll be nice to shed some of that and do things for myself.

It doesn’t mean that I’ll stop doing things for people altogether…heck, I’ve already promised to help some friends move into their new house next week. But there’s a difference between helping out here and there and having long-term responsibilities to deal with.

August is my recharge month. In September, I’ll dive back in.

And you know what? I’m already looking forward to it.