Apparently my cats aren’t getting enough loving

You’d think I was never home…oh wait, I am never home.

It’s been a crazy week here in ScatterLand, with lots of go, a little bit of stop, and a bunch of yield-to-traffics in-between. And with everything I’ve got going on, sleep and proper nutrition have been jettisoned in favour of…well, everything else.

I can say that right now, because three-fifths of my family are in Hawaii. That includes my mom, so I’m not going to get a phone call 20 minutes after I post this scatterthought telling me to take better care of myself. At least, not from my mom. I have no doubt that some yahoo is going to pipe up with a comment scolding me in such a way. And the commenter will probably be named Jeff or Phoebe.

I just gotta get through this week, and we’re almost there. Once this week is done, everything gets a little easier. I’ve had a boatload of work at my day job, I’ve got an article due tomorrow and another on Sunday, rehearsals from 6-10pm on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday, and rehearsals from 8-10pm tonight. In the midst of this, I’ve been organizing the FASS band, dealing with actors’ scheduling conflicts, and preparing myself for upcoming song rehearsals so I don’t come across like a complete moron. I’ll have to actually pick up my saxophone one of these days and refamiliarize myself with it enough that I can perform at an adequate level, and I need to write some more music for a song or two.

So yeah, last night was my only night at home, during which I worked, reviewed some music, and did my crazy amounts of laundry. Luckily and unluckily, the person I was supposed to go to see was also too tired to do anything, because if that hadn’t been the case I would have gone out, then tried to accomplish everything else later in the evening.

So now I’m home from the office and continuing to work, at which point Min comes up to me and decides to sit on my lap…where my notebook is. The message is clear: pay attention to me. I want love. I want affection. Stop typing, dammit. So I stopped, petted her for a bit, and then moved my notebook over. Now I’m sitting in a very uncomfortable position with my spine a little twisted and my shoulder jammed up against the headboard of my bed, so that I can continue typing without disturbing Min. The only problem (aside from the long-term detrimental effects this is having on my posture) is that I can’t reach my cup of tea. And since caffeine, sugar, and chicken are the only things keeping me functional at this point, I’m likely to run out of gas any minute and fall asleep.

But I don’t have time for that, so back to work.

I just gotta get through today and tomorrow, then a weekend of rehearsals and a talent show I’m organizing for the cast. And then back to work and more rehearsals. And then band practice.

Don’t worry about me. I’ll survive. I always survive. And I’ll get everything done.

I al(most al)ways do.

And hey, I can sleep in February. That’s only 19 days away.



  1. Life sounds pretty crazy right now – but for some reason, I think you get some sort of sick, sadistic pleasure out of being overworked/committed on occasion. 😉

    (Try to add some vegetation to that caffeine/carnivore diet you have kicking…) 🙂

  2. Wow, the commentor’s name was Rachel…not Jeff or Phoebe. First come, first serve, eh?

    Oh, I forgot to mention that I had to take on two small parts in the musical, because we’re short on actors. But I suppose that’s accounted for in all of the rehearsal craziness.

    Now I’m off to memorize some lines…and it’s not so much a sick pleasure as it is a sadistic one.

  3. Never underestimate a cat’s ability to hold a grudge. If you ignore them for much longer, they’ll do something drastic to get your attention and in your weakened, over-tired state, you may not survive it.

    Chocolate covered espresso beans provide the zing you need without the inconvenience that comes with cafeine’s liquid forms.

    take care of yourself!!

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