Celebrate independence, come on!

Let’s celebrate.

Whether you’re Canadian or American, I wish you a joyous celebration of the birth of your country.

I spent part of Canada Day in Hanover, Ontario, putting on a show with the Robin in the Hood gang. Twas fun. But a strange thing happened while I was trying to sleep last night…I spent a few hours in that horrible nearly-but-not-quite-awake state where you don’t get any real sleep. And why? Due to a heck of a lot of pain in my shoulders. It wasn’t sharp pain…but there was so much of it that I eventually gained full consciousness at 4am, took some Advil, iced my shoulders for a bit (okay, Sprite-ed my shoulders for a bit) and finally managed to sleep. I woke up around 10am, but was so tired that I went back to bed until noon.

What does this tell me?

Well, I didn’t do anything to strain my shoulders on Canada Day…about the only thing I did differently is that we went swimming for awhile in the afternoon. And that’s probably what did it. That is to say, the swimming set off the pain, but probably wasn’t the real problem.

I suspect that the cause of my discomfort is a buildup of stress. Good ole stress from all the responsibilities and activities I’ve got going on right now. Thanks to all that stress, I feel every move my neck makes. And it sucks.

In my younger and more foolish days I would refuse to bow to the stress. I wouldn’t even admit to being stressed. Because I look at my life–and how good it is–and I don’t feel like I have a right to be stressed. Compared to other people out there, that is. But that’s the thing…everyone’s stress is there own. We have our own thresholds and build up in our own ways. And the fact is, most of us don’t know what causes our stress…or we’d probably do a better job minimizing it.

What I don’t like is that so many people run around claiming to be stressed out. Like it’s a standard state of being for them, and they’ve just accepted it. In some cases, I think people hide behind so-called stress when really they just don’t feel like dealing with things.

But like I said, everyone’s stress is their own, and I can only guess at it based on what they say and do.

As for me…I’m not mentally stressed out. but clearly there’s some subconscious buildup that’s manifesting itself in my shoulders and neck.

Ooh, manifest. Nice.

I need to eventually get back to a state of being where I’ve got very little on the go, so I can just relax for awhile. There’s a name for that state of being.

It’s called August.

What I’ve got coming up for the rest of July should be fun. But man, am I ever looking forward to August.



  1. BTW, just so I can make your July even MORE full: I’m havin’ a birthday party on the 22nd (I’m turning 30!!) and you’re invited, if you’re available!

  2. August sounds nice. How does one get to this state of being called August?

  3. I try not to rely on drugs too, too often but I have one word for you; Robaxicet. Its a sweet sweet thing – though be prepared to sleep because it’ll knock you into a coma for many hours! Hope you’re feeling better. 🙂

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