Coincidence? I wonder…

Strange occurrence yesterday afternoon. As I was getting into my car to leave the grocery store, an Asian guy knocks on my car window. So I open the window and he asks if I go to UW, cuz I look familiar. And yeah, he looked familiar too, but we quickly established that we have no ties there. Still, he keeps asking questions about what I do and where I work, and being a friendly guy I answer. Meanwhile, something doesn’t feel quite right in the back of my head. Almost, but not quite, deja vu.

Eventually I cut it short so that I can go home. He starts to walk away, then turns around and launches into a spiel about how, with my background in business development, I might be interested in work that he’s doing with some other guys. And then it hits me. He’s trying to recruit me for something.

And at that same moment, I realize exactly why it all feels familiar. This guy stopped me in a store and tossed me exactly the same pitch sometime last summer.

I gather his tactic is to engage you in seemingly innocent conversation (nothing personal, so it doesn’t raise any red flags), then act like he suddenly has an idea out of the blue. Only problem is, as soon as he launches into the business spiel, you can tell that it’s a setup or some sort of screening process.

Anyway, when I realized why he was familiar, I cut him off and told him that I really wasn’t interested. And that was that.

It just seems very strange…the first time this happened I was just wandering around a pawn shop in Kitchener, and this time I had just finished loading my groceries and gotten into my car. Nothing about my behaviour would have marked me as a guy who might be interested in his pitch. So either I fit some profile that he looks for, or I’ve actually been targeted by some group.

Realistically, it’s probably just a profile. After all, if I had been specifically targeted then they would have sent someone else after me the second time, just in case I recognized the original guy.

But still, what is with these people? Does this actually work on anyone? Seeing as more than half a year passed between the guy’s attempts, I would say that it either doesn’t work (since he’s still recruiting) or it does work (since he’s still doing it).

And did I just avoid some crazy cult?

All I know is that if it happens a third time then I’ll be very, very suspicious. If it does, I might get the guy’s contact information so that I can have him investigated.

Weird, eh?