Every once in awhile, you find yourself in the right place at the right time.

I was at a mall this evening, returning some books to the library and picking up groceries at WalMart. That all went swimmingly, until I realized (after driving away) that I had lost a glove. And not just any glove, but  half of a pair that I had just purchased at the beginning of January. Losing gloves is one of my great pet peeves in life, because it seems like such a waste. And yet, if I’m honest, I’m pretty careless with my gloves.

So yeah, I lost a glove and I’m annoyed with myself about it. Worse yet, I know that the glove is somewhere in the mall complex, but I might never find it.

I decided to turn around and have a look, as futile as that might be. Really though, it was just about making sure that it wasn’t in the parking lot. I wasn’t about to comb through WalMart looking for the glove, and the library was closed.

So, here’s where the right-time-right-place stuff comes in.

After asking at the WalMart Customer Service desk, I walked back to my car in the parkade, and I thought I heard someone thumping on a door. It’s always hard to tell in parkades, because there’s so much echo, so I paused before getting into my car, looked at the public washrooms across the lane…and realized that yes, someone was thumping on the men’s door. I walked over to check, and sure enough there was a man locked in the bathroom.

Unfortunately, the Guest Services office was closed and there were no security guards in the vicinity, so I had to go into WalMart and ask the Customer Service people to find one. Then I went back to the washroom to tell the man that someone was coming to help him. He was doing okay, so I bid him goodbye and left on my continuing glove search.

Lucky thing, right? If I hadn’t lost my glove, I wouldn’t have been there at the exact moment the mystery man got locked in the washroom. Lucky for him, anyway…I’m still missing a glove. Right now, I’m going on the theory that I dropped it outside of the library when I took out my car keys from the same pocket (or in the library while I was walking around), and that it’ll be there when I check tomorrow.

If I’m honest, I kind of feel like I deserve to get that glove back as a reward for my good deed. But alas, the universe doesn’t work that way. Sometimes you lose a glove. And sometimes you just happen to be there when someone needs a helping hand.

Do things happen for a reason? I dunno. And when I think about it, I’d rather that they don’t, because that suggests that someone else is pulling the strings and I’m being dragged along.

Do life events sometimes converge in a way that makes it seem like they’re more than coincidental, when really they’re just separate events intersecting at a point in time?

Not quite as catchy, but I’ll buy that.