Did you miss me?

Yep, it’s the same old story. I go back to work, and immediately stop posting on Scatterthought.

So, here’s where we’re at.

First off, the job is great. It’s been about three and a half weeks, and the first two were mostly spent absorbing information and trying to set up meetings with people. Now I’m getting into a groove, and I’m starting to feel productive. Just as importantly, I really like the people and the office environment. It’s a really, really easy commute, and the UVic campus is pretty much always beautiful. Even after a year in Victoria, I’m still not used to being surrounded by so much greenery.

Without realizing it, I hit a milestone this past weekend: on June 28, 2013, I left my job at the University of Waterloo. Even though I’m now working at UVic, it’s a bit strange to think that it’s been a year.

Moreover, it’s strange that I’ll be hitting a lot of one-year anniversaries over the next month. July 3 is the day I flew my cats out to Victoria. And July 12 is the day I left my house and began my epic, 17-day road trip across the continent.

I admit that there are times I wish I was still there, particularly when I think about my friends. Since 2004, my Canada Days were typically spent with the Robin in the Hood core group, and I’ll be sorry to miss out on both the Columbia Lake fireworks and Sarah’s always-awesome trivia contest. I’m not one to worry about tradition for the sake of tradition, but it’s different when those traditions have meaning.

Not that I’m complaining about being where I am. I’ve met a lot of fantastic people in Victoria, from my softball teammates to my sister’s friends. I feel comfortable, and like I’m making progress. And that’s what’s important.

Normally at this point I’d go all philosophical, but not today. Instead, some updates from the past few weeks.

My softball team won three games out of eight. We had a couple of really bad games, but overall we made progress. We’re now entering another eight-week season, and this time we’ve gone in as a team (rather than individual registrants). I’m really looking forward to it.

On the flip side, I never made it back to dodgeball after the first week. It was interesting to try out, and I admit that  I didn’t give it enough of a look. Mostly, life just conspired to keep me from attending on Thursdays, and on the two Thursdays where I could have gone, I just didn’t feel like it. That says enough to me.

I got a treat yesterday, when I saw my good friend John Milne for the first time in years. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because John was the creator of Battle of the Bards. After I took over the show from him, I made a point of referencing him heavily…the way I saw it, it was John’s show and I was just keeping his seat warm until he returned.

John and his wife lived in Victoria for awhile, but have been in Calgary for the past three years or so. Now, they’re moving back to Ontario. I’m excited for them, because they’re entering a similar phase to the one I just left behind, with tons of freedom and no major responsibilities. I wish them all the best in their journey.

And that’s pretty much June. Oh, except for that I saw a Martin Short comedy act (the second time I’ve seen him live), attended a friend’s choir concert (and am considering joining in the fall), booked two separate flights to attend weddings in KW in September, and saw Edge of Tomorrow (and thoroughly enjoyed it).

Yeah, all that.