Don’t buy cheap tissues

There’s a reason that we refer to it as Kleenex(tm).

We don’t say Xerox(tm) anymore when we refer to photocopying, but we often say Band-Aid(tm) when we’re talking about bandages. There are numerous cases where a specific brand–often the first or most popular–is used synonymously with a product type (Rollerblade(tm) and inline skates).

Kleenex(tm) is one of those, and with good reason.

Thus I say to you: don’t buy cheap tissues!!!

The wicked cold that set in right before my theatre group’s last performance has lasted all week, causing me some serious lack of productivity. Right now, it’s messing heavily with my head, and I dragged myself around the office yesterday.

But the end is in sight: having just blown my nose for the umpteenth time, I’m suddenly finding that I can breathe again. Yay!

And so I say again: don’t buy cheap tissues.

The reason I say this is that, after a week of tissue usage, my nose hurts from all the wiping. The skin under your nose gets dry and raw and starts to sting. And when you’ve already got a runny nose, that just sucks even more. This will happen whether you have good or cheap tissues–the tissues are just doing their jobs. But it happens a lot faster with cheap tissues, which have rougher textures and scrub a little more at your skin each time.

So don’t buy cheap tissues. Spend the extra buck and get the good stuff.

But not the lotion-infused ones. I don’t know what’s up with that. I want a dry tissue…not one that comes out of the box feeling like I’ve already used it.




  1. save trees and invest in some nice hankies. Organic cotton is better for your nose than bleached synthetic fibres. Also, to fight the cold, limit your sugar intake which includes fruit juices like orange juice. Viruses like to feed off of sugar.Get your vitamin C from Rosehip tea.

  2. The trick is to moisturize. Everytime you blow your nose, put a little bit of lotion on the skin. Of course, that also means that you need to keep a bottle of it around, but the skin won’t get red and dry. It’s sooo worth it.

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