Gingivitis strikes

No, not me…my cat.

Yes, that’s right: my cat has gingivitis. One guess which cat it is. Need a hint? Okay, it’s the cat that has cost me a lot of money in veterinarian fees over the course of his almost six years of existence.

Oops, I suppose the “his” was a dead giveaway. Cuz y’know, it wasn’t obviously Chet. Min’s always the picture of perfect health.

So yeah, Chet has gingivitis. And now he needs to have his teeth cleaned, which is gonna cost me a few hundred bucks. But you do it and you don’t complain, because you love the cat the so much and don’t want him to lose his teeth.

Ah, that’s so very nice of you. Do you want to give me the cash up front or just put it on your credit card and collect points?

What’s that? Oh no, when I said “you”, I meant “you”. Not “you” as in “me”. That is to say, not the third-person “you”…or is it the royal “you”…or is that the same thing?

Just hand over the money and no one gets hurt.

Chet will thank you later.

And by “you”, I mean “me”.



  1. Its sad that it costs so much more to fix the teeth of our pets than our own teeth (thank goodness pets don’t have to have braces). I am going to go floss Doogie’s teeth right now.!

  2. Actually, the expensive part isn’t the dentistry itself…it’s the anesthetic. I can’t blame the vets for not wanting little teeth marks all over their fingers.

  3. Wow – I’ve been down this road before and can empathize – my first kitty, Ginger, had the same issue with gingivitis – she was probably around the same age as Chet when we had to take her in to have her teeth cleaned (and she definitely needed to be knocked out for the procedure – she was such an aweome cat, but she could get quite nasty with people – even the vet was scared of her).

    Anyhow, thanks for posting this – it’s a wake-up call to go and brush Holly-Cat’s teeth…

  4. Please could anyone advise me on the best treatment for my cat with very bad gingivitis. He is in alot of pain on friday his head swelled up and i thought he was going to die. He has had antibiotics.Any info would be greatly received. Thanks Nicky

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