Happy Canada Day

It’s a cool 17-degrees Celsius today and somewhat windy. Not the greatest weather for an outdoor holiday, but what’re you gonna do? Besides putting socks on, that is.

I saw KWLT’s production of “Don Juan in Chicago” last night and enjoyed it. I’d tell you to go, but it was the closing night. And then I stuck around to help strike the set, because I had already loaned my tools to the effort and figured I might as well stick around to make sure I got them back. Besides, I like taking things apart. It’s easier than putting things together.

I’ve got a couple of places to be later today, but not for awhile yet. I intended to be productive today, but I really have no motivation whatsoever. Really, I just want to take a nap. I got up at 10am and haven’t done anything energetic, so I suspect my body hasn’t really woken up, yet. And if I stopped typing right now and closed my eyes, I’m pretty sure I’d be back to sleep pretty darn quick.

Instead, I’m going to force myself to get up, go into my cold basement, and put up the laundry-room shelf that I bought months ago.

After a quick nap.