Happy holidays in advance

Because I’ll probably forget if I don’t say it now, whereas I’ll probably remember now that I’ve already done it.

That make sense to anyone besides me?

Anyway, it’s the time of the year when I go home. I’ve had some difficulties with my new notebook and the transfer process, but I’m (almost) finally up and running again just in time for the holidays. Which is good, cuz “holiday” is a relative term, suggesting both that there is a holiday and that it’s a break from the normal, wearing activities of the daily grind.

In my case, the holiday will be a flight to Vancouver, time with numerous relatives, then a flight back to Ontario so that I can keep working. I can rest when I’m dead, which, at this rate, won’t be very long.

Ha ha ha ha.


So have a happy holiday in the denomination of your choosing/upbringing!

Wow, could that greeting be any more sterile and bland?

I wish all of you the very, very best in this most joyous time of the year.

That better?

Yeah, that’s better.