Happy Thanksgiving!

I’ve had a pretty decent Thanksgiving weekend. Went to Windsor with some friends for a post-wedding-reception/family-reunion get-together. Twas a fun time for all. Came home on Sunday afternoon and watched football for the balance of the day while working on an article.

Now I’m just sitting on my couch, watching baseball, waiting for football, and thinking about dinner. My roommate and I are doing the KFC Thanksgiving, just for the heck of it.

Throughout university, Thanksgiving was my “leave me alone” weekend. Every once in awhile I used to find it nice to have a weekend to myself. Everyone else would go home, and I’d just relax and take it easy.


It has just been pointed out to me that two completely different guys in two commercials that just aired back to back (for WestJet and Swiss Chalet, respectively) may be wearing the same shirt. Now that’s an interesting coincidence.

Continuing with the sidetrack, those WestJet commercials are annoying me. In this particular commercial, a guy tells his girlfriend’s father that he’s an “owner of WestJet” so that the father will like and respect him. When in reality, the idiot is probably a high school dropout who has no greater ambition than to take tickets for a living.

If I were a WestJet employee, I’d be offended by the commercial. It’s great that employees have some ownership in the company, but this commercial suggests that an employee might want to hide his ticket-taking job. You know what? If you can’t be proud of what you do, then you need to get off your ass and do something else. You gotta work to get where you want to be, and if you have to take tickets for awhile in order to get there, then you should be proud of the fact that you’ve got a plan and, more importantly, that you’ll do what it takes to make that plan happen.

Besides, no one should ever be ashamed of a job that offers a positive contribution to society.

I’d like to see the follow-up commercial, when the father discovers that the boyfriend mislead him and kicks his ass. Not because he takes tickets, but because he’s a no-good liar. In fact, there are lots of commercials that I’d like to see follow ups to; most of them are beer commercials (go figure). This WestJet commercial definitely makes the list.

Hey, a list. What a great idea. Seeing as I can now categorize my scatterthoughts, why not start with my first category: Commercial-lyzing.

This is all coming together quite nicely.

And now to get some Thanksgiving chicken…