Has it really been five days?

Wow, I didn’t realize it’s been so long since I wrote a scatterthought. So what’s new with you?

Oh right, I have to post this before you can answer the question. Well, let’s see here.

First off, I’m finally finally finally over my cold. Knock on wood. There’s a lingering bit of a cough still and sometimes my voice gets a little scratchy, but the hacking has passed as of today. Man, what a pain in the ass. But now that’s out of the way, I can start accomplishing some of the things I wanted to do, like taking piano/keyboard lessons and yoga classes.

Second, the tax calculations went well. Very well. Nuff said.

And the third bit of news is that I’ll have a new car in April. Okay, you knew that already if you’ve been reading Scatterthought. I suppose the real news is that I signed an agreement, and in April I’m going back to my roots with a Honda Civic coupe. After careful consideration, I’ve decided that I can do without a hatchback, which will come as quite a shock to some people–for years I’ve maintained that my car will always be red with hatch. It’ll still be red–I wasn’t about to completely abandon my principles–but the Civic’s got more than enough trunk space for my needs. Actually, my baritone sax and golf clubs fit into it better than they do in my Protege5 (I checked).

The nice thing about a five-door hatchback is that I can carry a lot of people and stuff with a fair amount of ease…there’s great utility and flexibility that I won’t have with a coupe. But y’know, I just felt like having something a little smaller and sportier this time around. After all, if life goes the way I’d like it to, my next car will have to be more family oriented.

Awhile back, I even thought about getting a sports car, but that’s just not me. Besides, I get to test sports cars all of the time through my automotive work, so I don’t really need to own one.

And really, after the ticket I picked up last November, I don’t need any incentive to drive faster.

Anyway, this scatterthought is rather poorly composed, so I’m just gonna stop there.

So what’s new with you?