I can’t believe I missed it!

First off, there will be an update on last Saturday’s Bards in the Shell, but right now I have something more important to point out.

This past June, Scatterthought.com celebrated its fifth anniversary. My first-ever posting on rpwong.com, known back then as a Random Thought, was on June 14, 2001.

Wow. I can’t believe it’s been five years.

And I can’t believe I missed the five-year anniversary. How much does that suck?

But as with all things, better late than never. Besides, it’s not like I have to buy a gift or a card. I just have to acknowledge it.

So, happy anniversary Scatterthought.com. You’ve kept me sane for five years (and believe me, there were some trying times). You’ve changed and matured alongside me, and captured numerous thoughts and experiences that I wouldn’t otherwise remember.


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  1. Happy Aniversary! Hard to believe I’ve been reading this page for five years. If you added up all of the time I’ve spent reading the random and scattered thoughts you’ve written, it would probably come to a realatively significant amount of time…. something on the order of time required to watch a years worth of simpsons episodes or the like.

    Now, if only I’d used that time constructively, I might have handed in a few more papers on time back in Grad School…

    5 years is a long time, Russ – Congrats!

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