I dunno…

I’m wondering if this whole WordPress blogging system is changing the way I think about Scatterthought and publish on it. It’s far more convenient than HTML, for sure, but it just…feels different. Like it’s not really me. It lacks personality.

It’s just another blog.

And I don’t really like that.

My HTML site isn’t great, but it’s mine. Developed by me from the ground up over the course of years. Revised, rebuilt, redesigned. Always by me.

The new Scatterthought (what you’re reading right now) isn’t me. Someone else created the engine. A different person created the look and feel. I’m reduced to an administrator.

And I don’t like that at all.

Part of the problem is that I currently lack the time and desire to bend this site to my will. Part of the problem is that I’m not sure if I have the skills to do so. Actually, those are the same problem: I lack the time and desire to study up and gain the skills.

Part of the problem is that the WordPress capabilities are so vast compared to what I used to do that I’m a little lost as to where and how I should start.

Hence the bland, mass-produced solution.

And, in case you weren’t paying attention, I don’t really like that at all.

Let’s put it this way. Right now, I don’t feel any real ownership over anything more than the writing, whereas before I felt ownership over the entire site.

What does this mean? One of two things.

Either I figure out what I’m doing and really make an effort to personalize the new Scatterthought.

Or I abandon it and go back to HTML.

Can’t tell you which way I’ll go right now, so stay tuned.



  1. I say make the time and move forward… If it’s something you really want, you will make the time and be better for it in the long run! I agree the new format lacks personality, but I think you should be able to accomplish that by at least adding your colours into the mix, which I expect shouldn’t be TOO difficult… Now having said that, I don’t do this sort of thing, so maybe it’s harder than I think!

  2. wow look at you … gone to a swanky new site ….

    having a blog doesn’t mean that you have to abandon your html site, i have integrated the blog i have in to the site in to the html. in some respects word press is much better than blogger, but at the same time all my mysql databases are tied up with other projects

    once again wow, i will have to explore your site more, are you going to bring the archive material to this site, or does the old site still exist somewhere?


  3. I agree with Jeff. I think you should try to learn what needs to be done to make the site your own. If you refuse to move over to something like Livejournal, then I like the idea of still being able to leave you comments and stuff HERE.

    Many times I would read a Scatterthought, and had something to say, but the act of actually sending you an email stopped me. It’s silly, I know, but there it is.

    Something you SHOULD perhaps consider doing though…if you haven’t already…is to create an LJ user simply for reading purposes, if you’re interested in actually reading OTHER blogs.. So many people you know are on there, and if you’re not on peoples’ friends lists, you can miss so much. The vast majority of MY posts are friendslocked, for instance. And naturally, they are ALL filled with pithy bits of wisdom that your life would be incomplete without. 🙂

    Woo, long comment. Sorry.

  4. Okay, the consensus appears to be:

    “Russ, stick with WordPress and make an effort to personalize the site. And do it sooner rather than later.”

    I can dig that. Heck, it might even motivate me, knowing that you’re all expecting something to come of this.

    Then again, I might not care (but I probably do).

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