I need to go bowling more often

Last night I put up the most consistent two games of bowling in my life, scoring 172 and 168. I’m pretty sure I’ve done better in a single game before, but have never done this well over the course of an evening. I guess the lane conditions were just right for my technique, which is to throw the ball out to the right of the lane and curve it back into the middle.

It actually took me awhile to figure it out, so I threw a lot of gutter balls at the beginning of the first game. I only figured it out around the fifth frame, after which I reeled off a bunch of strikes to make up for the slow start.

I didn’t throw as many consecutive strikes in the second game, but was surprisingly efficient. I only left four pins standing through ten frames, plus another four in the 10th-frame reset. I don’t think I’ve ever done that before. Heck, I even pulled out a strike on a ball that I totally mis-aimed. I hooked it way too hard so that it missed the centre, but one of the pins helicoptered back and took out everything else. On a more skillful note, I managed to pick up a spare on the 9 pin, which is the second pin from the right in the back row. That’s difficult for me, since my ball always wants to curve back to the middle of the lane. I have to figure out how to cancel out the spin just enough that it’ll take out the right corner. I think I’ve only managed that once or twice before yesterday.

In the absence of any logical explanation for this improvement after such a long layoff (I don’t remember the last time I went bowling), I have decided to credit yoga for promoting greater strength, agility, and unity within my body, mind, and soul.

But it was probably just luck.



  1. We’re likely going bowling for my birthday this Saturday, if you’d like to test your luck again.

    (details will be emailed at some point in the next day or so)

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