I want a dog

I’m not going to get one, but man, sometimes I just really, really want another dog. Have I ever shown y’all my favourite photo of my second dog, Kirby?

Kirby and me

That was taken somewhere between 13-15 years ago. Man, I miss the little guy.

Saw a commercial earlier tonight in which a woman throws out her dog’s favourite (but gross and dirty) toy and then takes the pooch to Pet Smart to pick out a new one. It’s super cute. And just makes it so that I miss having a dog.

It doesn’t help that I’m looking after my friends’ dog right now. Makes me want a dog even more.

But as much as I might want one, it’s not going to happen for a few reasons. Want to hear them? No? Then stop reading.

  • Chet and Min wouldn’t appreciate another dog showing up after putting up with Princess
  • I don’t want to be tied down too much, which goes along with having a dog
  • I already spend enough on pet supplies
  • I’m not really a good dog owner.

That last one might catch you by surprise, seeing as I’m talking about how much I love dogs. But that’s the problem, really. Kids who want pets are often told that they’ll be responsible for feeding and cleaning and exercising the pet…y’know, taking care of it. The kids always say that they will, and they aren’t lying; they really think that’ll be the case. Usually it is, for a few weeks or a month. But after awhile it becomes a chore, and then it becomes a burden. It’s the non-fun part of pet ownership.

Some kids keep their end of the bargain and demonstrate the responsibility. Not for a week or a month, but forever and ever. They understand that they can’t take care of their pets only when it’s convenient…it’s a full time job.

And I have to admit, I wasn’t one of those kids. I should play with my cats more than I do…if they didn’t play together they wouldn’t get enough exercise…except for running to the kitchen whenever they think I’m going to feed them.

A dog…well, that’d be too much right now.

Doesn’t mean I’ll never have a dog again. Actually, I expect that I will, but not for a long time.

Until then, I’ll just have to keep wanting one. And you know, that’s really not so bad. Brings back the good memories from my past dogs…Brandy, Kirby, and Princess.

And hey, you take every good memory you can get.