I’m procrastinating

I like to think that I have a good sense of where I am relative to the people around me and throughout this world of ours. That I know my place in it…even if I haven’t fully figured out what that place is. I don’t believe that I’m owed anything in this life, and I won’t take what’s mine…I’ll earn it.

And sometimes, I wonder if I’m too proud of this. That my supposed understanding of the world makes me feel like I’m better than others, regardless of position or possessions or physical prowess.

Something of a tricky position, no?

And then I think…maybe I’m not copping a superior attitude as long I’m worrying that I might be. And then I think that by thinking that I think that, then maybe what I think I’m thinking isn’t what I’m actually thinking.

Maybe all this thinking is just a waste of time. And maybe it’s not.

Maybe the key is to always wonder…and to never have the answer. As long as this is the case, I’m keeping myself in check.

Just one of those little annoyances in life. One of the things that keeps us going.

And one of the things that makes it worth living. After all, if we had all the answers, where would the challenge be?



  1. I’m procrastinating too 🙂 Supposed to be studying…but I thought I’d come and check out this scatter-thought business. Interesting concept! I’m glad I had a peek! 🙂

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