I’m tired

Funny thing. On one hand, we’re supposed to relax and recharge on the weekends, so that we can get in a full and productive work week starting on Monday morning. On the other hand, weekends are the only time we have to schedule day-long activities that suck up all of our energy and tire us out.

Sometimes I go for the former. This time, I went for the latter.

After golfing all afternoon at a company event on Friday, I hosted a Battle of the Bards. It was a very, very good show, and it’s too bad if you missed it.

A group of us went to the Pirate Festival at Fort York in Toronto on Saturday afternoon. It was okay. Came back to Waterloo and went to visit a friend who was supposed to come with us, but managed to bruise himself up something good on Friday night. No, he wasn’t drinking…he was just practicing subpar ladder-safety practices. As a result, he wasn’t overly mobile.

On Sunday, I went to the zoo and pushed around my gimpy friend in a wheelchair. There are a lot of ramps and hills at the Toronto Zoo. Strangely, though, it got easier the longer I did it. That’s counter-intuitive. And then we attended a jazz concert (also at the zoo) featuring Amanda Martinez and Michael Kaeshammer. Great show, though it got a little cold midway through.

Which brings us today…a Monday that I have spent trying to be productive and yawning at every turn. I did manage to accomplish most of my tasks, so that’s good, but man, I definitely need to recharge tonight.

Otherwise I’ll never make it around the golf course tomorrow evening.