In our last episode…

Actually, it was two episodes ago.

Hmm, that’s an interesting idea, referring to each scatterthought as an episode. Maybe I’ll start doing that more often.

Anyway, the airline lost and found my golf clubs, and I had a really fantastic weekend. Golfed a lot, hung out with both sides of the extended family, and just basically had a lot of fun.

Took the red-eye back on Monday night, and as I was boarding the plane they told me that they were upgrading my seat to executive class. I guess that was to apologize for losing my clubs. And hey, I’ll take it. I actually heard them call my name earlier over the PA system, but figured there are lots of “Passenger Wong’s” out there and didn’t bother getting up.

So what does Executive Class get you? First and foremost, a much better seat and a lot more room to move. Second, a freakin’ hot towel at the beginning of the flight (though I think I’d prefer it at the end). Third, a pretty decent meal with a glass of excellent wine. Oh yeah, and they call you “Mr. Wong” the entire time. Well, that’s what they call me. I suppose it depends on what your name is.

I would never pay for Executive Class, but this is the fifth time I’ve flown it. The last two times were on a business trip a couple of years ago, which also took me to Vancouver. On the outgoing leg, I was flying a newer plane that was extravagant, to say the least. The seats were big enough for seven-foot-tall people, with full recline and gourmet food and all that. As far as I was concerned, it was too much. The second leg was a similar setup to the flight I just took, which was better.

You know, I wish the airline would offer a price for getting the same service as economy, but with the better seat. If the price were reasonable, I’d totally pay it. All I want is the better seat…I can do without the manservant.

Anyway, I got into the airport, got my luggage without issue (yay), and headed home. And by home, I mean the office. I had a deadline yesterday morning, so I went straight from vacation and back to work.

Did I mention that I only slept about two hours on the airplane, despite the really comfortable seat?

Ah well, I survived. Feeling a bit jet-lagged and maybe even a bit under the weather this morning, but there’s no time for that. I’ve got too much work to do.

September will be a busy month, and it just might stretch me to the limit. But I’ll go down fighting. Wouldn’t have it any other way.