Rolling stones gather no moss, or so they say. But the truth is, rolling’s the easy part. It’s starting that’s often the difficulty.

Inertia. That’s what it’s all about, today.

Inertia, in the context I’m discussing it in, is more often referred to as motivation. But it’s not quite the same thing. Rather, they’re dependent upon one another.

I can be motivated to do something, but without inertia, I won’t do it. And if I’ve no motivation at all, interia rarely comes about.

Translation: nothing gets you going like a swift kick in the pants.

I guess what’s brought this about is the feeling that I often need to be sparked into action. I need an external influence to get going. I need a deadline or someone relying on me. I need something or someone to enter my life and push or pull.

Once that happens I’m off to the races, working as hard as I can. But until then, I remain inert.

Take this site, for example. I secured a new domain in October. I switched to WordPress blogging in November. And then I got too busy to personalize the site. So it’s been like this for a month and a half, and I don’t see it changing anytime in the near future. I have all the motivation in the world, but no inertia.

You’d think that, recognizing the pattern, I’d be able to effect some change in my life. Because I don’t like how reliant I am upon outside influences to get things done. I wish I were just more self-actuated. But there’s the rub. I’m motivated to be more self-actuated…but I’ve got no inertia to drive me toward it and–more importantly–keep me there.

It’s a vicious circle! A snake eating its own tail. A metaphor without end.

Ooh, I kinda like that last one. A metaphor without end. Did I just make that up or did I hear that somewhere before? I suppose I should look it up to see if I can claim ownership over the phrase.

Maybe later.