It’s 4:58am and I should sleep but instead I think I’ll write something

Cuz, y’know, it’s always amusing to write things when you’re overtired. Technically, it’s not really that late. It’s only 3:58…make that 4:00am in my head, but due to the stupid daylight savings it’s become 5:00am. Ugh.

And yes, I suppose 4:00am is still late to a lot of people.

Anyway, I feel the need for a quick recap of what has been a highly successful couple of days.

Friday was good. Had a decent morning in the office, got some good news about a project, and then left early in the afternoon. Met with a financial advisor to start the whole retirement savings plan thing, then off to Toronto to see my dad. Had dinner and saw a pretty good basketball game (Suns at Raptors), then got up this morning and hit the golf range before dropping him off at the airport. Back to Waterloo, talked to my editor for awhile, worked on an article, then time to make the rounds.

Stopped in at a going-away party for a friend on the southwest side of KW. I don’t see her often, but I never like it when people I care about move away. I wish her and her boyfriend the best of luck.

After that it was over to a stag and doe for another friend who’s getting married in May in Mexico. That was fun, cuz neither she, her fiance, nor her sister (who organized it) were expecting me. I like surprising people. The stag and doe was on the southeast side.

Then it was up to St. Jacobs in the north to help take apart the set for the KWLT production that finished up earlier in the evening. And from there to the post-show party after I detoured to drop off a friend and her stuff. We got to her place in the middle of the city and unloaded at 11:45. Since it’s her birthday today (April 2), I decided to stick around until midnight so that I could wish her a happy birthday. We ended up talking till around 1:30am, at which point I figured I should get over to the party.

Stop #5 on the evening took me to northwest Waterloo, where I hung out with the cast and crew.

And then home.

So, over the course of the evening I pretty much hit every corner of this city. Spent some time socializing, and moved on.

To be clear, this is not a normal thing for me. Heck, at one point earlier in the evening, I contemplated skipping one or two of the stops. But hey, you’re only young once. Which brings me to this point at 5:16am, writing a scatterthought. It’s not really that entertaining for you, but years from now I want to look back and remember that once upon a time, I had the energy to do this.


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