It’s raining cats and dogs

Which leads me to wonder…where does that phrase come from, anyway? Time for a google search, which reveals the following quasi-origins:

It’s raining cats and dogs

Interesting. Well, not really.

In other news, I’ve decided that it’s impossible to please you people. Jeff resented that I created the new category “Irrelevant” for the photo of him, Shawn, and myself. Of course, I did that more for the text of the scatterthought than the photo, but whatever. His suggestion was to create a category called “The Beautiful People”, but that’s just an abuse of the category system. Better to make that the title…so I did. And then I changed the category to “Wastes of Your Time”, on the theory that the majority of people who read the post would think, “wow, this is a waste of my time.” Seemed appropriate, and useful in a general sense. Although arguably, most of the content on this site is a waste of your time. So maybe it’s not really that useful.

Later in the evening, Phoebe chimed in, complaining about the new category. I think this relates to the fact that you can kinda sorta see her in the background behind Shawn and Jeff. Sheesh.

Fine then. You win. You suck, but you win. Into “General Musings” you go. Now stop complaining already.


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