I’ve done dumber things

And wouldn’t you know that my mood entirely determines how amused I am by the dumb thing.

Not surprising, really. When we’re in good moods, our tolerance for the world around us is far greater than when we’re sad or angry or upset or whatever.

I got some really good news today in the office; my firm was awarded a project that I’ve been chasing for quite some time, so I’m really pleased about that. After getting the news, I went out to get groceries and wandered the store in an exceedingly good mood. Got what I needed, loaded the car, went home. Unloaded, started putting stuff away…and then wondered where the cat litter had gotten to.

You know, the cat litter. The big yellow box that I left on my shopping cart.

Yes, I was in such a good mood that I entirely forgot to look down and note the big yellow box.

Back in the car, drive to the store, and claim my wayward cat litter at customer service with a slightly embarrassed grin. Then home to dinner.

Fact is, I’m the kind of person who takes almost everything in stride. Sure, I get bent out of shape by things sometimes, but usually I just deal with it and move on. Still, I was amused by how how, well, amused I was in this case. Had we lost the project, this would have just been another frustration in a bad, bad day. Instead, it was kinda funny.

Life’s like that.