Keeping the faith

Wow, that almost sucked. But sometimes you’ve just got to stay positive. Everytime, actually.

I flew out to Vancouver early this morning…6:30am, to be exact. I always worry that I’ll oversleep, so I just didn’t go to bed. Got to the Park ‘n’ Fly just in time to catch the bus. Checked my suitcase in and took my golf clubs to special baggage. Got to the security gates as they were just opening more of them. Got to my flight just as it was boarding. So my timing was pretty much perfect.

Managed to sleep on the plane, on and off, and the trip was decent. Arrived in Vancouver and met up with my dad. Got my suitcase. Waited for my golf clubs.



And waited.

Yeah, they didn’t show up. Not sure what happened, but they either didn’t leave Pearson Airport or went somewhere else, so the airline had to track them down. Apparently, 95% of all lost luggage is returned within 24 hours, and they deliver it right to your door.

They tracked down my clubs and got them in to Vancouver this afternoon, then delivered them about a half hour ago. So everything’s in order and all is good. Admittedly, I got a little paranoid earlier in the day when I was checking the baggage tracker Web site and they still had no updates, but I think I kept up my optimism pretty well.

While waiting for my clubs, I decided to take my brand new contact lenses out for the evening. I just got them yesterday, and my eye doctor is going to order more for me next week. So I have a single pair. Like an idiot, I took them out over a sink with a running faucet. As I was trying to get the first contact into its side of the case, I dropped it into the water and it started heading for the drain. I quickly turned off the water, but couldn’t see it, so I figured it was gone. Took out the other contact, then proceeded to take apart the drain pipe to see if it got caught in there. No luck, unfortunately.

Put the drain pipe back in and was about to run the water to see if I tightened it enough. That’s when I saw my contact. It had made it as far as the drain, and was sitting just on the lip, on the far side so that I could barely see it.

Sheesh. Lesson learned. Don’t take contacts out over running water.

So there you have it. A day that could have sucked mightily, but instead was only moderately inconvenient.

Time to end it, I think, and see what tomorrow brings.