Lacking in motivation

I was supposed to go to Toronto with some friends, today, but decided to pass. It’s been a busy week both in and out of the office, leading up the Battle of the Bards last night (if you weren’t there, you missed another great show). We were figuring out the driving details yesterday morning, and it occurred to me that I just wouldn’t have the energy for it. Hate to cancel out of things, but I have to say that the decision was the right one. I’ve got zero energy, today. I just wanna sit here on my bed and do nothing at all.

Actually, that’s not quite true. Half of me wants to do nothing at all. The other half of me wants to do something, but doesn’t know what it wants to do.

I want to mess around with Scatterthought’s design, but I don’t.

I want to start writing my next car article, but I don’t.

I want to wipe and rebuild my notebook, but I don’t.

I want to flip on the television or play a game, but I don’t.

I want to research yoga classes, but I don’t.

You ever have days like this? Lots you could do, but no motivation to do it? It’s boring the heck out of me just sitting here…and yet it’s the only thing I’m willing to do, since it takes no effort at all.

I guess you could say that my mind wants to be active, but the rest of me doesn’t. Of course, it doesn’t help that my mind is also being totally indecisive about what it wants to do.

Heck, I don’t even feel like finishing this scatterthought.


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  1. Hey Russ. You missed a good time yesterday, but I can completely relate to how you feel. I swear I have several days a month like the one you experienced yesterday.

    Yoga classes? I’m thinking of taking yoga up again (since it looks like Karate is a no-go – not crazy about the one dojo Adam and I checked out – something horribly unsanitary about it).

    Anyhoo – hope you’re feeling somewhat motivated today – or if not, enjoy the time to chill and re-engergize.

    – R

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