Now I’m not sure what to think

First off, I fully intend to post a follow-up based on Anthony’s comment from last week. Just not right now.

Ever heard of Danica Patrick? She’s a professional driver in the Indy Racing League in the US. Very talented and very pretty. There was a commercial on television just now in which she gets pulled over for speeding. As she’s waiting for the cop, she pulls down the zipper on her jacket to show some cleavage, obviously hoping to get out of the ticket…and is then disappointed when the cop is a woman.

My feelings toward tickets are well established. If you get caught, take your punishment. So I’m not going to comment on that aspect of the commercial. It’s amusing, and that’s all it’s meant to be. No, I have more pressing concerns.

I’m not going to blast Danica or the advertisers for the “sex sells” content of the commercial. The catch line is that the car she’s driving is very attractive, and as I already said, so is she. So there’s at least some connection between the product and the spokeswoman, which is a step up over the many stupid beer commercials out there.

No, here’s what’s on my mind: the car she’s driving is a red Honda Civic coupe. Virtually identical to the one parked in my carport. And that connection means that my Civic is now a “chick car”.

To be clear, I’ve never cared for the “chick flick” and “chick car” terms, which are really pretty dumb. If you like something, you like something. If you don’t, you don’t. Unfortunately, many people feel the need to label the things they don’t like. I’m sure there’s some psychological basis for it that amounts to them not being hugged enough when they were toddlers.

That being said, people who see this commercial will now connect my car to Danica Patrick. That’s the association that Honda wants consumers to make…that’s the point of the commercial. And why not? She’s a talented driver and a great spokeswoman for Honda.

But instead of an attractive, female racecar driver, the red Civic coupe seen around KW will be piloted by a male automotive journalist (and only part-time, at that). As for the attractive part….well, now I’ll have to make sure I’m having a good hair day whenever I get behind the wheel.

After all, Honda put a lot of time and money into that commercial…I wouldn’t want to hurt their efforts.



  1. Cause you’d leave the house without a hat if you were having a bad hair day? Yeah, right.

  2. Sweetheart, I believe the phrase is “you give too much credit to the average member of the public” – you’re assuming they even look at the car…

  3. I’m dense this morning. Is the good hair day supposed to get you out of tickets because you can’t show enough cleavage… or was it because you now expect everyone to think a hot woman is going to be the driver of all Honda Civics and have to compensate by being a hot guy…

    So confused!

    P.S. Following up on my comments is entirely optional, and should usually be prefaced by an FDA warning that the results may not be good for your long term health. (-;

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