Perhaps this is too much choice

My midi sax arrived today, catching me by surprise. It was shipped from the US on Saturday, so that’s an insanely short delivery time. Not that I’m complaining…I just hope everyone survived the trip.

Needless to say, I pulled it out to test and make sure it’s alright. At first I was worried, as there was something rattling around inside the sound module, which is a separate box that the midi sax connects to. So I was relieved to find that it was just a coin-cell battery that had popped out of its clip. Once that was back in place, I fired up the system and everything checks out.

While eating lunch I’ve been reading through the manuals, and two things struck me.

  1. I really need to study the manuals in order to use this thing properly
  2. Reading manuals puts me to sleep.

I knew the second part already…the truth is that, while I’m certainly capable of understanding all the technical stuff that goes into electronics, I don’t really care to. My options were limited with my saxophones, but now I’ve got all these parameters that I have to set, and choices I have to make to influence the sound I produce. Which means that I have to understand how everything works. Which means that I really should read the manual and commit some of the functions to memory.

Ya da ya da ya da.

We’ll see. I envision a sharp learning curve and, hopefully, a considerable payoff when I really get rolling with this thing.