Shades of Red

It’s a bright and sunny day outside, and I finally got around to taking some photos of my new car…after giving it a quick wash, of course.

Yeah yeah, laugh all you want. A guy at my office washed his new car three times in the first weekend…I managed to hold off for seven days. And besides, I wasn’t going to take pics of it when it’s dirty. So here you go: two photos of the new Civic (not even an hour old) along with a final photo of my Protege5.

My 2003 Mazda Protege5   My 2006 Honda Civic EX (profile)   My 2006 Honda Civic EX (frontquarter)

From one red car to another…clearly I have no imagination. Nah, that can’t be true. My first car was red, but I got it used so I didn’t have any control over the colour. The Protege5 was red because my ex and I couldn’t agree on any of the other colours. My new Civic is red because…well…if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Besides, red stands out nicely in a pack of cars. Makes it easier to find in a crowded parking lot.

I miss my Protege5…and I don’t. While it was a good car for me, I’m glad I moved on. The Civic is a little sportier and suits my current mood. It’s also easier to fit my golf clubs and baritone saxophone in the trunk. Go figure.



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