Sick and energetic at the same time

Odd combination, no?

I picked up a cold sometime on the weekend, which sucks. My nose is stuffed up and I’m coughing like crazy, but otherwise I’m pretty much fine.

The worst part is that this will prevent me from giving blood on Wednesday with my coworkers. And yes, I know that doesn’t seem like it would be the worst part, but don’t forget who’s doing the talking here. I can handle the fact that I’m feeling ill with three deadlines this week and another one next week. I can handle the lack of sleep last night, cuz I kept waking up coughing.

I can even handle putting in a 13-hour day to stay ahead of my workload, while coughing up a storm the entire time.

But I’m annoyed because I haven’t given blood in a long time, mainly due to circumstances, and now I have to reschedule.

I started to feel it on Friday. It was just a dryiness in my throat that got steadily worse, but I had things to do so I ignored it.

In particular, the Robin in the Hood group put on another promo at the Galaxy Theatre in Waterloo, this time for the opening of Hairspray. Yeah, not our normal fare, but we pulled it off. Instead of running around with swords, we dressed up 60’s style and put on a pre-movie dance show. I borrowed some karaoke gear from friends, hooked it up on a trolley with my amp, and created a karaoke machine on wheels so that we could roll in and out of the theatres.

We started with a preview showing on Wednesday that went okay (seeing as we hadn’t done it before). Then we did two theatres on Friday and again on Saturday. Someone else hosted Wednesday and I just sang 60’s tunes (which I love doing). For Friday and Saturday, I hosted the show, sang, and got some of the girls to sing. Then we’d pull someone out of the audience to sing I Will Survive, followed by a twist competition.

It was great how well the audience responded. Usually we get a few people interacting while most just sit there, but we had the majority of the theatre dancing around in their seats.

And yeah, I loved hosting the dance show and singing. I wish I could do that all of the time. Through the five performances, I sang Rockin’ Robin, Rock around the Clock, Twist and Shout, and Great Balls of Fire.

Highlights included the guy who dressed in drag as a tribute to John Travolta (he had brought his teenage daughter and a big group of her friends for her birthday; we got him to sing I Will Survive) and the guy at our last show who was a former winner of a twist contest. We got him to be our celebrity guest judge, then had him show us his moves (and he was really, really good).

I only wish we could have done more shows, but ah well. What’re you gonna do?

I spent Sunday afternoon cleaning the basement, and that brings us to the 13-hour workday. I’m actually surprised I made it…I felt horrible when I woke up this morning, but managed to push it aside to get things done.

Now I just have to keep it up for the rest of the week, and hopefully the cold will get annoyed cuz I’m not paying attention to it and go away.