So after all that…

…I went and joined another committee.

I know, I know, I suck. But let me explain before you pass judgement and shake your heads at me.

The committee is for an event called Canstruction, which is being run by the Food Bank of Waterloo Region. Basically, teams of designers compete to build structures out of cans of food. The cans are collected by the teams, and the Food Bank keeps it all after the event. Sounds pretty neat, right? Well, you haven’t checked out the Web site: www.canstruction.org.

Cool, eh? Some of the stuff they build is fantastic.

Anyway, the Food Bank has decided to run this event for the first time ever in Waterloo. A few months ago a package came across my desk requesting teams and sponsors for the event, and I got really excited about it. However, the event was postponed until next February so that they could take a little more time to plan. In the midst of that, I was asked to join the committee, and as of today, that’s what I’ve done.

Yeah, I know…I can’t keep babbling about taking on too much stuff and then take on more stuff. But in this case, my time will be limited to one meeting a month, as I’ve made it clear that I have limited availability. And besides, I haven’t been complaining about a lack of free time, lately…just a lack of motivation. That’s different. Also, I’m doing this as a representative of The Walter Fedy Partnership, so I’m getting involved on my company’s behalf, which means that some of my time will come out of working hours.

Besides…it’s just really cool.

How does this impact The Plan? It doesn’t really. If I move to Vancouver, I leave the committee…it’s really that simple as I have no intention of becoming a critical component of the committee…I’ll be more of an advisor and probably help out on the day of the event.

The only rub is that the event will be held on February 2nd, which will be the closing day of FASS. I can’t imagine not doing one more FASS before I leave town, so I’ll just have to figure out how to make things work. Most likely, I’ll just skip the Friday-night post-show party…that should be enough to get me through the Saturday event, and then the performance, and then the strike party…

I promise, this’ll be the last thing I add to my plate.


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  1. “I promise, this’ll be the last thing I add to my plate.”

    This is me, not holding my breath.

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