Stop spamming my Web site!

You won’t have noticed, but I keep getting comment spam from online casinos. It is for this reason that everyone’s first post has to be approved by me, so that I can make sure you’re a legit sender and not a gambling site trying to get free advertising on Scatterthought. After that first post, you’re free to say whatever you want.

So anyway, this morning I log in and there are seven spam comments. Seven! Which, of course, all got rejected without a second thought. What’s annoying is that I have to do that manually. I have a black list for certain words, but they keep finding ways around it. Like spelling ca$ino instead of casino, and stuff like that. Without the black list, I probably would have had even more spam comments this morning.

And you know what the funny part is? They’ll probably spam this scatterthought. And if, by some chance, they get by the black list, maybe I’ll let it through this one time. I’d find that amusing in some perverse way.