The hidden meaning behind the last scatterthought

So you want to know what inspired the last scatterthought do you? The answer may shock you…but will more likely bore you.

No, I didn’t say something stupid that caused me to be all overly dramatic and over-analytical in retrospect. I mean, not a specific incident. But there have been lots of times where I have, and lots of times where everyone else has.

We just tend to sound better in our heads than in practice.

I suppose you could say that I was inspired by the start of FASS 2006, and performance in general. I suppose you could say that I was inspired by the way I try to live my life.

The way I see it, once you’ve done or said something, it’s done and said. Duh. You can’t change it. You just gotta move forward and deal with it. I’ve said that repeatedly in this space over the years.

The same goes for performance. When you’re on stage, you’ll either get your lines right or get them wrong. You can’t change what’s happened, so don’t stumble over yourself trying to fix them. Don’t stop and back up. Just get by it.

Worry too much about what you’ve just done, and you increase the risk that you’ll mess up what comes next.

Same goes for life. It’s really that simple.