The hits keep coming

Seems like this site is drowning in a deluge of “life must have meaning” scatterthoughts, or haven’t you noticed? Here’s another one: a commencement address given by Steve Jobs this past summer.

I have to admit, when someone e-mailed this to me as a Word document, I thought it was a repeat of the Kurt Vonnegut Commencement Address that has circled the Internet for years. The only problem is that Vonnegut has never given an address. Here’s the story on that.

So I looked it up in Google and was pleased to confirm that the Jobs speech is, indeed, authentic.

Here’s something else: Care2.com. A friend of mine has an e-mail address through this site, so we were chatting about it and I think it’s really cool. Care 2 Make a Difference. That’s a simple enough message.

Seeing as this follows on yesterday’s post of Random1, I’m now going to have to find something meaningful that ends in “3”. A little help, people?

Now, after all of the feel-good stuff, I was going to turn this scatterthought around by talking about something completely meaningless, but then another friend I was talking to on the phone asked me to tape “America’s Next Top Model” for her.


America’s Next Top Model.



And as a result, my VCR (yes, I still have a working VCR…I’m a dinosaur) is now set to tape a show that I can’t even begin to feign interest in. I mean, it’s not that I don’t appreciate attractive women (I do) or television (I do) or attractive women on television (I do). I’m just more than a little sick of all the so-called reality tv shows out there. Actually, does this even count as reality tv? I’m not sure that it does.

The irony, of course, is that I run Battle of the Bards. A bunch of people get up, perform, and then the audience votes for the winners. Hmm, sounds kinda sorta similar, don’t it?

In my defence…I blame John. And you should too.

Of course, Bards isn’t so fake and made up and melodramatic as the reality shows. It’s more like Star Search than American Idol. And in its day, Star Search was a fun show to watch.

So to all those who would call me a hypocrite I say: “bah”.

Anyway, the point of this aside was to tell you that I forgot what my meaningless topic was because of America’s Next Top Model. But I suppose that’s meaningless enough for now.

In other news, the same friend who asked for the taping left her hat on the bus, today. I hate when things like that happen. It’s such a rotten feeling when the realization of what just happened sinks in. The feeling of loss and complete helplessness. I’ve felt that a few times in my life, I guess. Most memorably, when I was very young. I had a favourite toy transformer that had some snap-on pieces, and one of the pieces fell off while I was walking home from school. I searched and searched through the woods, but never found it. And I admit it: I cried. Apparently I didn’t have a sense of what tragedy really is when I was eight years old.

Only now does something occur to me about that story. Yes, a full 20 years later, I’m having a thought.

I lost the piece of the transformer in the woods. The woods were brown and green. The piece of the toy was red.

And as long-time readers know, I am red/green colourblind.

(thoughtful silence)




  1. Two things:

    a couple of weeks ago I dropped a glove on the street and didn’t notice until several hours later. The gloves belonged to a friend who I really look up to so I wear it in hopes that some of what I admire in him will rub off on me. I found the glove in a snow pile yesterday. I was overjoyed and I interpret the event as my friend looking out for me

    Don’t knock the bards!!! BOTB was the only event that all my Katimavik kids could agree upon. There was something in the energy of that room which enlivened my groups. Further to that, my second group was a dysfunctional mess when they arrived and I think some of the credit for their success by the end of the program has to go to cheering each other on at the bards.


  2. Hey, don’t get me wrong. I love Bards…else I’d probably have grown bored of it by now. I was just defending my supposed hypocrisy before I got attacked.

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