The new and improved

For the first time in about nine years (give or take), Scatterthought looks almost exactly the way I want it to look. And I’m pretty darned pleased about that. It looks decent on my computer, on my tablet, and on my mobile phone…hopefully it looks good on yours, too.

Even better, it looks like my letterhead and my business cards, so all of the documents I produce from now on are pretty much identical. Seriously, I am way too excited about this. Now I just need a good reason to build a matching PowerPoint template…or any reason, really. Yeah, it’ll probably happen later this week.

For reference, the WordPress template I’ve based this site on started out looking like this. It’s a well-coded template that was relatively easy to reverse-engineer, and you can see that I’ve maintained the same basic structure. I started out by modifying the colours and typefaces, and then got into the major layout revisions. I didn’t actually think I’d be able to replicate every detail from my stationary, but apparently I’m better at this than I thought.

So, why all the effort? Well, I’m converting this site from a mostly forgotten personal blog into a professional front for my consulting and community work…which will share space with my mostly forgotten personal blog. I may even start blogging more often, though I’ve said that before and it usually doesn’t stick for long. Who knows? Maybe that’s because I haven’t really been pleased with the design since leaving behind my original HTML-based website all those years ago.

I guess we’ll soon find out.