The new plan

Last Wednesday, I woke up and realized that I was incredibly stressed out by all my responsibilities. I recognized it only when I stopped looking forward to the fun things in life–I had hit the point at which they just became more things I have to do. And yet, my first instinct was not to write about it on Scatterthought. Used to be I’d write about it here to clear my head, but such is no longer the case. I guess this just confirms what I wrote about in my last scatterthought.

I saw Rent last week, and I enjoyed it a lot. The plot isn’t fantastic, but the music and performers are. Twas a good evening, but in retrospect, I would have enjoyed it more without all the stress.

 On Friday, we held March’s Battle of the Bards. Later that night and through Saturday, I worked on the highly successful Canstruction Waterloo Region, which was great. Check out the structures this week (they’re up at Conestoga Mall until Friday).

Throughout all that, I had a mountain of office work, a committee meeting, and a calendar that kept filling up with more and more stuff.

And then on Saturday night, when the Canstruction award ceremony was over, I had a moment of sudden and immense relief. A complete mental shutdown that left me feeling much better when I woke up the next morning.

Now that March is out of the way, April should be easier. Aside from the continuing mountain of office work–and the auto article that I mistakenly wrote last night due to confusion with my editor–April is packed with fun stuff and minimal outside responsibilities. Yay! (for as long that lasts)

Now to the point; I commend you if you’ve gotten this far, and you are about to be rewarded for your diligent reading.

I have made a decision of sorts with regard to my future. To recap, the options that I presented myself with last summer were:

  1. Stay in KW and pursue a part-time MBA at Wilfrid Laurier University beginning in the fall of 2008.
  2. Move to Vancouver this summer and find out what the West Coast has in store for me.

Both options have been very attractive to me, and I considered them both strongly over the past year. So the answer is…none of the above.

Instead, I’m now favouring a revised Option 2, which is as follows:

  • Move to Vancouver in the summer or fall of 2009
  • Begin full-time MBA studies at the University of British Columbia in August 2009 or 2010.

I’m not going to go into the various reasons, but this option is very attractive to me right now. It’s also not definite…as was the case before, I need to sit on it for awhile before fully committing to it. After all, that worked the first time—while thinking about both of the original options, it became clear that neither was the right one. So you could say that I’m ahead of schedule in deciding to follow a different path, or that I’m postponing the decision due to a revised Option 2. After all, I could still choose to remain in KW and just take MBA studies at WLU in 2009, instead.

Suffice to say that my long-term future is still as unclear as it was before, but my short-term future is far more defined. And for now, that’s good enough for me.