The recap

I am friggin’ tired. Why? Because I’m working myself to death.

I spent last Saturday in Elmira organizing materials and getting stuff built for Robin in the Hood. Then I went to a ceili that evening.

I spent all of Sunday in St. Jacobs at the tech day for KWLT’s Golden Age of Radio Weekend.

Monday evening was supposed to be a dress rehearsal, but I bailed out of that to stay at the office until 11:30pm.

Tuesday evening was spent as a pirate at a fundraising feast for Robin in the Hood, where I had to do a lot of the speaking. That was after I drove to Mississauga to swap test vehicles.

On Wednesday I left work early for a reception at the City of Waterloo for the Schools Challenge. The person who was going to MC the reception came down sick, so just before I left I frantically wrote a speech and then acted as the MC. Then I went to St. Jacobs for a dress rehearsal.

On Thursday evening we had our opening night for the Golden Age of Radio Weekend. The show went very well, and I’m glad that it was one of the plays where I don’t have to do much. The cast went out afterward, but it only took a few minutes in the bar for me to realize that I was going to crash hard. Also, my throat was beginning to hurt from talking over the loud noise (plus the constant talking/projecting over the course of the week).

We have our second show tonight, and then two more tomorrow in the afternoon and the evening. And then we’ll take apart our equipment and celebrate the show.

On Sunday, I’ll be in Elmira again for another rehearsal with Robin in the Hood.

And the following week, I’ll be fasting with some of my coworkers. Two days of juice and water only, followed by three days of fruit. The goal isn’t to lose weight, but to cleanse our digestive systems. I’ve never tried it in the past, but figured I’d take the plunge this time around. Hey, I can probably use it.

On Thursday morning we didn’t have any milk, so I didn’t make tea. And when I got to work I figured I’d just see how it plays out. After all, I won’t be able to have tea next week, so I thought I might as well get a head start on the caffeine withdrawal. That went okay at first…I didn’t get the headache that I was expecting until later in the evening, and it wasn’t much at all.

But then I woke up this morning, and man did I ever have to drag myself out of bed. Arguably it’s not the smartest thing to be giving up caffeine this weekend since I’ve got so much going on, but I’m sure I’ll be fine during the performances. Eventually my system will adjust and I’ll be better off.

In the meantime, wow am I ever tired. I looked at the clock and was shocked to discover that it’s only 2:30pm, when I figured it was closer to 4pm. Of course, that could just be due to it being Friday, but I’m fairly sure the lack of caffeine is making the day seem longer.

I’ve known this killer week was coming for awhile, so everything will be great if I can just make it through.

And I’ll make it.

I always do.


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  1. The fast is gonna kill you man… One day of juice is hard enough… trust me! 🙂 Good luck with that…

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