Time to change the lexicon

I’ve decided to remove the terms “kids” and “kiddo” from my mental dictionary.

Actually, it would be more appropriate to say that I’m just going to be more careful of how I use them. You see, I often greet people of all ages with “hey kids” or “hey kiddo”. It’s not meant to be derogatory or anything like that. If anything, I mean it to be affectionate. I do it with people of all ages…people I feel close to or comfortable with.

But it has come to my attention that some people find it condescending. Actually, it came up awhile ago with one person, so I stopped saying it to him/er. Now it’s come up again with someone else, so with two people disliking it, I have to assume that some others may feel the same way.

See, it doesn’t matter how I view the terms or how I think I’m using them. What matters is how the people I direct those terms at feel about them. I don’t like that I may be upsetting people without being aware of it. It’s really not a big change to make, so I’ll make it.

What does this mean? It means that if you don’t mind or even like being referred to by me as ‘kid’ or ‘kiddo’, you’re going to have to tell me. But for the most part, I’ll stop using it because I don’t want people to think I’m looking down on them. That’s just not cool.



  1. I don’t mind the term “Kiddo” as long as you’re okay with running the chance that I might accidently call you “Old Fart” as a response. It’s not you, just an automatic reaction stemming from another friend who occasionally calls me that (and is only a few months older than I am).

    But I don’t find you condescending at all, if that helps ease your mind.

  2. I always found it a little odd, being called “kiddo” by someone younger than I am. But I always chalked it up to, “That’s just Russ…” I never found it condescending, really.

  3. Its not a terrible term of endearment, but it is, however, what I call my two year old nephew………

  4. Really? I kind of like it.

    It always makes me feel, well.. close or comfortable around you. It’s affectionate without being overwhelming, and has slightly protective connotations.

  5. I like kiddo but if you are going to change your lexicon then I submit my proposal that you now always refer to me as Empress or something else equally grandiose

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