Today has been a good day

It started really well; I went to Waterloo Collegiate Institute this morning to see a brief skit by the drama class celebrating Waterloo’s 150th anniversary. I was quite impressed, and have since spent a portion of my day arranging to have them perform the skit for our mayor and city council.

Things like that make me feel very good about the work I’m doing for the City.

In a little while, I’m heading off to audition a band for The Big 1-5-0, which is the high-school event I’m organizing as part of the Schools Challenge. On Saturday, I auditioned two bands at the Button Factory, where I conveniently left out the PA system and chairs after Battle of the Bards the night before. We opened the doors to the public so that their friends could watch, and turned it into a decent live show. I’d like to do more of that sort of thing. I’ve auditioned four bands so far and the kids are really great; they’re excited at the opportunity to perform on a large stage, and I’m really glad that I can give them the chance to do something like this. It’s gratifying, and I think it’s going to be fantastic.

Speaking of fantastic, last Friday’s Bards was a great show with some very talented performers. Instead of hosting, I was the house manager while my friend John, who created the show, hosted. He’ll also do November, and then we’ll take a break. After that, we gotta figure out what we’re doing with this thing.

In other news, I’m at the tail end of a detox right now, cleansing the system. It’s going reasonably well…it’s certainly easier than the fruit/juice fasting thing that we did in the spring. Basically, cut out the wheat, dairy, and sugar, and swallow 12 pills every day. It goes for 12 days, and we started a week ago Monday. When I say “we”, I mean myself, two coworkers, and an ex-coworker.

I don’t crave anything, but I had to deviate last Saturday due to being too busy to cook for myself. It’s almost impossible to find prepared foods that don’t have wheat, dairy, or sugar in them, so you pretty much have to cook everything. Which means a lot of chicken, for me.

Strangely, midway through the detox period I lost the ability to swallow pills. They’re not overly large…maybe a little bigger than an Asparin, and I usually take two at a time. Now I have to really concentrate to swallow the pills, which is odd. I suspect I’m mentally just tired of the routine. The pills end on Friday, but the diet ends on Thursday due to a friend’s birthday dinner. I think next time I’ll do a detox with a shorter period; this one’s alright, but it’s a little too high-maintenance for my current state of busy-ness.

You might be wondering where the Move-o-meter is falling at the moment: it’s leaning toward sticking around. Actually, it’s not really pointing in any direction right now. Completely indecisive. And as always, I like that. It reinforces that I’m going about this decision the right way.

Today I am 10949 days old. In a week and a day, I’ll be 10957 days old. More to the point, I’ll be 30. I wouldn’t say I’m looking forward to it, but I’m not bothered by it, either. A calendar doesn’t determine how successful or accomplished we are–we each move at our own pace, and everything is fine so long as you are satisfied with where you are at a given point in time.

Am I satisfied? No, of course not. And you’d know that if you’ve been reading Scatterthought for the past year or more. Everything is not fine right now, much as it may seem to be.

Does that bother me? No, not really. A few months ago, I think I put myself on the right path to get where I need to be.

Is that good enough? For now, yes. Yes it is.