What am I passionate about?

I don’t know. As far as I can tell, I have a save-the-world complex that makes it difficult to be passionate about anything. Or, more accurately, I’m not passionate about anything that I can’t see having potential to change and improve the world.

Mind you, who am I to say what improves the world and doesn’t? I am, of course, only able to base things on my own opinions. Which will suffice so long as you’re willing to accept my worldview.

I do a lot of theatre, so you think I’d be passionate about it. But I can’t be. I recognize that the world needs art for art’s sake. Without it, our culture would be severely lacking. And I’m glad we have exceptionally talented people working in all facets of art. And let’s be honest: I love being an entertainer. I enjoy hosting Battle of the Bards, and being a herald at the Robin in the Hood festival (which is, incidentally, this Saturday…www.robininthehood.com). I enjoyed being a pirate this past weekend and putting on shows prior to screenings of the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

But am I passionate about it? No. Because I don’t think I, personally, can change the world as an entertainer. It’s not where my skills are best utilized. It’s fun, and I do it as a hobby. And that’s it.

I’m not sure if I’m passionate about my work. I enjoy working at The Walter Fedy Partnership, which is a company with exceptional values managed by people with strong moral character. I couldn’t work there, otherwise. I like that we design and build schools, hospitals, police stations, and churches…buildings that benefit our community. There are others, but the community-serving ones are the ones I feel the best about.

But again, I’m not sure that my work on behalf of TWFP helps the company change the world. More accurately, I’m not sure if I’m doing enough to change the world as an employee of TWFP.

I’m not passionate about journalism, which is why I don’t pursue that kind of career. Again, is the world better if I write about automobiles? Maybe, maybe not. I can’t gauge that, so I can’t say with any confidence that it is the case.

I could never be a journalist. A journalist’s job is to record and report on history, with an unbiased opinion or a stated bias. But that requires you to be, first and foremost, an observer. And I’m not an observer. I couldn’t stand by while activists trashed a government office in protest (it happened recently in BC), but I entirely believe that the journalists who did were right to do so. Do I think they made the world a better place by their actions, or lack thereof? That’s debatable…and I can debate both sides.

And while we’re on journalism, let’s make clear that I’m not passionate about writing in general…I never have been. It’s just a skill that I try to put to good use.

I’m not passionate about a social cause. I’m not passionate about real estate. I’m not passionate about traveling the world.

Because I haven’t figured out how I can save the world by doing any of those things.

And that’s the problem, of course. The save-the-world complex. I need to feel the benefit of these activities before I try doing them…which is impossible in most respects.

Sometimes I think I should be a politician, but that would frustrate me no end. I need the freedom to act of my own volition and on my own beliefs, which government bureaucracy stifles.

I don’t know what to be passionate about. And I think I need that.

Not everyone does…there are lots of people who are content to do what they do without ever feeling real passion for it. There are people who get passionate about anything and everything. There are countless others who fit in neither category.

And that includes me.

Honestly, life would be easiest if I had super powers. Then I could go around battling crime and using my powers for good. I’d know I was making a real difference and using the gifts that God, evolution, or some sort of freak accident gave me.

Of course, I would still never feel like I’m doing enough, but some things you can’t change…unless that’s your superpower.



  1. Interesting – you want to change the world, but the easiest way to do that would be with superpowers and no one else being able to fetter you bringing about the Right Way Of The World.

    Forgive me, my friend, but while I do love you, I don’t want you being bitten by a radioactive spider any time soon.

  2. No one can change the world by themselves, but you can certainly do something you think is worthwhile to help move it in the right direction… I think you need to do something you consider to be meaningful. Maybe you’re destined to help the poor in some third-world country, or something to that effect. Baby steps Russell… Just do something good each day. Doesn’t have to be anything big, but by doing one good thing, you’re helping the world become a better place!

  3. Passion makes a life less ordinary… some people don’t find their passions until they are older. The hope for passion is personally what keeps me going. Maybe it will be my children, or maybe something else. You’re a good person Russ, be passionate about yourself for a start, and the rest will follow 🙂

  4. It is a heroic feeling sure to think you want to change the world… but you can be the in the most revolutionary profession and still have the world unchanged. Because the world is not one thing… it is a collection of diverse communities, diverse habits, diverse economies and so on. And by diverse, I mean diveeeeerrrrrssssse.

    Think about it… You could be the president of United States and there will still be scores of people in remote tribal areas who havent even heard of you. You could die fighting for the world. And chances are, even if your death is published on the front page of every single newspaper in the world, no one is gonna remember it for more than a day ( max.) After that its their kids, their TV shows and their boss in their mind.

    So, the world is not what we see on the map. For me, my world is college, marks, riends, crushes etc. For someone else the world is kids, shopping, furniture, bills etc. You cant change a billion worlds, not in your life time.

    So, probably you should look for the one world you can change so perfectly… yours.

    A bit too preachy? oops… my world has a pretty bad reputation for this…

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