What’s to like about 2:45am?

Less than ten minutes ago, I was standing in the middle of the road. It’s -15-degrees Celsius, but there’s very little wind. Look up, and you can see the bright moon, with edges softened by the clouds. The lightest hint of snow is falling…not enough to accumulate. Just enough feel on your face.

Look up the street, and a lone van was waiting to turn left at the intersection. I wondered what they were doing, driving around at this time of night. If they could see me, they’d probably wonder what the heck I was doing, standing there in the cold with a smile on my face.

I was struck by how utterly serene and tranquil that moment was. Calm and relaxing. Peaceful. It was nice.

What’s that you say? Why was I out in the street at 2:45am? Well, if you read the scatterthought before this one, you’ll guess that I was coming home from the office. All told, I put in a 15-hour day, starting at 9am, breaking for a couple of hours at 8pm, and then continuing until everything was finished.

You get the work done. That’s all that matters.

Besides, part of me likes being in the office late at night. Not because I’m a workaholic or anything, but because–like the road–it’s so peaceful. There’s no one around. I can play music and sing at the top of my lungs if I want (and I do). There’s nothing hindering me, and few distractions. I’m probably more productive at 10pm than I am at 10am.

Besides, if I hadn’t worked late, I wouldn’t have experienced that moment of peacefulness in the street. Maybe I’m crazy or over-tired, but y’know, it was was worth it. Just for that.

Yeah, I must be crazy.


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  1. I’m guessing you’re crazy AND overtired! Haha. By the way, apparently there was enough snow to accumulate… Yeah, just enough that I was forced to clean the car again this morning…. I think this would be the primary reason I’m not a fan of winter. Anyways, having said all that, I appreciate the image of you standing in the middle of the road. I know what those moments are like and they don’t come by near often enough!!

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