Work on the arms, rescue the girl, love her, and leave her

That’s what I’m getting from the comments thus far.

In a nutshell, I need to build up the arm strength, then show off the pipes (I assume with tight shirts, tank tops, and basketball jerseys). Hang out in a bar until a guy gets rough with a girl. Punch him out to protect (and win) the girl. Love her, leave her.

Repeat cycle until I find a girl worth keeping around.

Now, if this is really a valid theory, then there should be a lot of women nodding in agreement. If not, then clearly we’re missing something. But I think it’s all covered in there. Strength. Protectiveness. Decisive action. Conflict. Emotion.

Check, check, check, check, and…check.

So whatdya think, ladies?



  1. “Love her and leave her” – Yeah, right that sounds like something you’d do! Psssht!

    I do know many girls (myself included) who go for guys with good arms! 🙂

  2. What women want is extremely subjective.

    Honestly, I’ll take someone with a strong character and intelligence over braun everytime. I always notice the eyes/face first if it comes to physical attributes. Having braun is a bonus. Men that are too concerned about their looks – especially when it comes to muscle mass – really freaks me out. (Which is ironic considering how I fuss with how I look before leaving the house.)

    Funny thing is – I know a number of women (including my mother) who have a knack for selecting the “fixer-upper” or “walking wounded” and want to rescue (and change) him. Now that I think about it – my mom typically selects the “walking-wounded-brauny-rebel” type.

    Are both sexes looking for someone pretty to rescue/protect or wanting to be rescused/protected?

    So subjective…

  3. Hold-me-up-in-the-shower-arms.

    That’s all I’m saying.

  4. for the record, that last comment was actually from my boyfriend.

    No, he’s not gay. Really.

    But he knows what he’s talking about. Hit that gym, Russ!

  5. *headdesk*

    Does the phrase “so close and yet so far” mean anything to you, sweetness?

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