Wow, that was a bad day

I feel the need to recap before going to bed.

You know all about my back pain…that’s actually feeling a little better at this point, so maybe it’s not as bad as I thought.

What you don’t know is what happened when I got home.

The cat I’m looking after was sick all over the main floor of the house, so I had to clean up the various messes he made. That put me in a great mood to start the evening. It was really humid and a little smelly, so I opened the patio door and the window in my room to air the house out. Then I sat down to do some work. It started raining hard (as predicted), so I shut the patio door and kept working.

Awhile later, I went up to my room to get something…and stepped into a puddle. Yes, that’s right…I forgot about the open window. My desk was soaked…everything on it was soaked, my monitor and keyboard were soaked, and even my bed was soaked. My chair still is soaked. The wind was forcefull enough to push the rain about ten feet into my room, getting all the way to the other side of the bed. And I didn’t have a clue this was going on.

Luckily, nothing important was destroyed. A bunch of paper turned to mush, but my various computer parts all appear to work. Ironically, my dead PC (which quit on me last week) was relatively dry. It was just everything else that was wet.

On top of this, Amare Stoudamire and Boris Diaw of the Phoenix Suns got suspended one game for leaving the bench in last night’s game. Steve Nash got bodychecked into the scorer’s table and they reacted without thinking, but anyone who leaves the bench to join a fight gets an automatic suspension. Whether I agree with the rule or not is irrelevant; the outcome sucks.

But tomorrow will be a better day. My back will feel better, the new computer I built to replace the old one will work flawlessly, and the Suns will beat the odds and win the game. Cuz if that’s not the case, I’m writing this week off completely.


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  1. Considered talking to a professional about your back, babe?

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