You know you’re a cat person when…

I’m arranging with Jeff to look in on my cats, Chet and Min, while I’m in Vancouver for the holidays. My roommate will be around for most of the time, but I need someone to check on them on Christmas Day.

In truth, it’s not really necessary. Cats are pretty self-sufficient, and as long as there’s something to eat, mine will be fine. If my roommate went to visit his family on Christmas morning and returned the next day, the cats would be okay. I know this.

Heck, they wouldn’t even know that they’re alone on Christmas Day…it’s not like they have a concept of what a holiday is.

But I’d know. And that’s what makes it tough. I hate leaving my cats for extended periods. I’d take them to Vancouver with me, but I’m not sure who would be unhappier: the cats at having to fly, the passengers for listening to them cry, or my mom for having them in her house.

Bet you thought that last sentence was gonna rhyme all the way through. Hah. Fooled you.

So yeah. I could leave Chet and Min alone on Christmas Day. And I know what will happen. The day will go by and they won’t think anything of it, but eventually they’d begin to wonder if my roommate or I will come back. Every time there’s a noise, they’ll run to the door, and no one will come through it.

That’s how much my cats crave human interaction. That’s what makes it so hard to leave them every year.

So, when the evening rolls around and they’re wondering who will come in, bam. In comes Jeffy Claus to shower them with love and attention. Hopefully at least ten minutes of attention. More would be better. And maybe a little bit of leftover turkey. Yeah, they’d like that.



  1. Awwwww! My Christmas memories are filled with cats. My brother used to bring his cat, Sludge, home for Christmas and I remember her trying to get in on the table hockey game. I also remember my mum informing my brother that the cat was not allowed on the table. My brother responded that the cat needed to drink out of his cereal bowl. My mum suggested that he pour a separate bowl of milk for Sludge. According to my brother that would simply not do because Sludge only liked the cereal milk because of the sweetness. In the end my brother sat on the floor to eat breakfast with the cat.

  2. Hey Russ,
    I know what you mean about being a cat person, but don’t feel too bad or think you are weird. My story may get you to laugh
    a bit.
    Before I got married years ago and was single, my only housemate and close friend was my cat Tabitha. While in college
    my only mode of getting aound was my my bicycle. When I needed to go somewhere I always had my backback on, and
    in that backpack was Tabitha. She kooked great with her
    little cat head sticking out of the backback as I zoomed around
    town. At stop lights the people walking in the crosswalk would always stop to say Hi and to pet my cat.
    After college while working and traveling to different cities, she came with me. United Airlines will take cats onboard for $50.00. She even stayed in hotels with me. I only picked hotels that would take pets. All the housekeeping staff
    got to love her too.


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