Road Trip Report: Day 1, July 12

That’s right, I’m back on Scatterthought for the first time in, well, years…and with good reason. If you don’t know what I’m up to these days, then it starts with this: I sold my house, left my job, and am moving to Victoria, BC.

My cats, Chet and Min, have already moved (via airplane), and my possessions are now on their way via a professional moving service. I, however, am still in Ontario. This morning, I woke up, finished cleaning my house, locked the door, said goodbye to my neighbours, and drove away from 3-419 Bairstow Crescent, Waterloo, for the very last time. Over the next few weeks, I’ll make my way to BC, heading in a mostly westward direction based on how I’m feeling from day to day. My goal is to get to San Francisco and then drive up the coastline, but we’ll see. I could also cut back up through Alberta…I really have no idea. I don’t even know where I’ll stay from night to night…I’m going to use to find nice hotels in big cities, and otherwise camp at random parks as I cross North America. It should be interesting.

While most people will read this on Facebook, I thought I’d take the opportunity to revive my website (which I had pretty much abandoned) and see if I can get back to the creative writing that used to be a big part of my life. So, at the end of every day, I’m going to post an update for your reading pleasure.

My life as a nomad technically began when my house sale closed at 12:00am this morning, at which point I became a squatter. I drove away from Waterloo at 3:30pm, heading for Toronto…yes, I know that’s the wrong direction, but there are people here who I wanted to see. I had a late dinner with a friend, and tomorrow I’ll see my cousin. Then: go west.

I had thought that I’d like to go through Chicago and then continue down to Denver, but I find myself entertaining the idea of going up to Sault Ste. Marie, and then back down through Green Bay, mainly so that I can get some Northern Ontario in before I leave the province. Guess I’ll decide when I get in the car tomorrow.

Maybe I’ll flip a coin.