Different gloves for different hands

A sidebar to yesterday’s post, the topic of which was sparked by my lost glove.

Seriously, I hate losing gloves. Gloves are meant to exist in pairs, with the exception of gloves that are sold individually by design, such as baseball gloves, batting gloves, golf gloves, and (I assume) Michael Jackson’s 80’s rhinestone glove. Even then, some athletes prefer to wear two batting/golf gloves, perhaps just for symmetry.

And you know, I get that. I only wear one glove when I play baseball or golf, but I did have to get used to the feeling. Not so much with a baseball glove, because you obviously need a giant, padded mitt to catch the ball and a free hand with which to throw. Although, I know some cricket players who would laugh at that notion.

As for MJ, the whole “one glove” thing was a brilliant case of form and function. Form because it was unusual and became a fashion statement. Function because of the actual purpose, which was to draw our attention specifically to the hand that was all shiny shiny, thus accentuating his dance moves. Quite simply, two rhinestone gloves would not have had nearly the same impact or effectiveness.

Wow, sidebar to the sidebar.

Anyway, I now find myself wondering what it would be like to wear two different gloves. Say you lost one lefty glove and one righty glove…putting aside what it looks like, would it just feel weird? This is, of course, coming from a guy who hates that the left pocket on one of his jackets isn’t quite as deep as the right pocket. So…yeah, I’d probably hate the two-different-gloves thing.

I also wonder if individuals are more likely to lose a righty or lefty, based on their usage patterns. For example, I lost my right glove yesterday, and it totally makes sense because I put my keys in the same pocket. I wonder if I’ve always lost right-handed gloves. Unfortunately, there’s no way to know. When I left Ontario, I found and threw out a stash of individual gloves that had collected over the years, simply because I didn’t like the idea of throwing out a perfectly good glove even though I’d never wear it again. Hoard much?

Well, I suppose I could keep track going forward. So okay, the score is Right: 1, Left: 0.

Now, before we get into the whole, “manufacturers should sell individual gloves” thing, I’ll stop you there. It just wouldn’t make sense, since the glove styles are likely to change annually–the individual gloves would only be useful for people who lose their gloves within the same year. And really, since gloves are a cold-weather thing, the same season. You know, people like me.

Also, from a pure profit perspective, it makes more sense to sell me a pair of new gloves for more money. I can’t fault the manufacturers for that…it’s not their fault that I lost the glove.

Of course, what would be a nice touch is if a manufacturer had a policy that if you lose one glove, they’ll give you a discount on a replacement pair. They could then collect and pair up all the mismatched gloves, and donate them to charity. Honestly, if Danier (where I usually buy my gloves) offered that for an extra $5-10, I’d probably take them up on it.

(It suddenly occurred to me to check as to whether or not that’s the case and I wasn’t paying attention. It’s not. Phew.)

Wow, that’s actually a decent idea. I might have to suggest that to them.

Anyway, none of this affects me at the moment, because I called the library earlier today and they have my lost glove (just like I theorized last night). I probably should have mentioned that sooner.



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