A vote for me is a vote for a merry Christmas

This holiday season, I’m boycotting the federal election. They can campaign all they want…I’m not listening to any of it. I’m not going to let them ruin my holidays.

Can’t you feel it? It’s beginning already. On the drive home just now, there was a Conservative radio commercial slamming the Liberal government.

Settle in for a month and a half of this crud.

Merry Christmas from your Conservative candidate (P.S. Liberals suck).

Happy new year! And if you want that new year to be even happier, you’ll vote Liberal.

Does Santa think you’re naughty or nice? Be on the safe side…vote NDP.

You just know some campaign schmuck is dreaming of a commercial declaring all other parties anti-Christmas.

The Liberals think that you should be at work on Christmas Day. Protect our statuatory holidays….vote communist.

Yeah I know, that last one didn’t make much sense. But it was unexpected-funny, wasn’t it?

It’s not that I don’t care about Canadian politics. I do. But I don’t know if I can take a month and a half of Christmas carols sponsored by one party or another. So I’m boycotting the election. Every time there’s a commercial, I’ll change the station. Every ad I see is immediately ignored. I’ll scan the headlines, but if there’s any hint of a party criticizing another party, I’m out.

Join me! In the spirit of the season, we’ll band together and ignore the federal politicians as one.

We won’t let them ruin our holidays.

And if they’re good, maybe we’ll let them back in sometime around January.


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  1. Yeah, sorry. I wasn’t clear about that. I’m only boycotting until after the holidays. I’ll start paying attention in January.

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