A new category debuts

Despite the fact that I use the categories in Scatterthought poorly, I’ve decided to add a new one.

Welcome to the inaugural post in “If Wishes Were Fishes”.

The premise is simple. I, and many other people in this world, often find myself prefacing thoughts with “I wish”. And from now on, I’m going to capture those wishes here.

Earlier tonight, I wished that I was a talented dancer in the mould of Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly.

Then I wished I could write songs and music.

For awhile I was back to wishing that I could play keyboard/piano (and yes, I still mean to do something about that one).

Not to say that I spend all my time wishing that I was this or that. But I grew out of the “I wish for world peace” phase a couple of decades ago. Actually, I might have skipped that stage altogether–that’s the kind of kid I was.

That being said, it doesn’t hurt to wish for things that you don’t expect to ever come true.

That’s what makes it so special when they do.