Road Trip Retrospective: Three useful things and three unuseful things

Let’s be clear: I know that “unuseful” isn’t an actual word. But you knew what I meant, so we’re all good here. That’s the blessing and curse of the English language: it’s really easy to misuse, and really easy to interpret when it’s misused.

I could have said “useless”, but that suggests a complete lack of utility value, and only one of the three unuseful things qualified in that regard. Then it would have been three useful things, two unuseful things, and one useless thing. And that’s just silly.

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Road Trip Report: Days 12 and 13, July 23-24

It’s a Double Digest! Two issues for the price of one! Which really isn’t saying much, but should raise your suspicions that this might be insanely long. Honestly, I wouldn’t blame you for skimming it, or just skipping it all together.

Oh, and if you don’t know what a Double Digest is, you either didn’t read enough Archie comics as a kid, or you’re too young to remember them. Although they do still sell them in grocery stores, and I always wonder who’s still buying them.

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